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Medical Marijuana & Me (M3)

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About the M3 Study

The M3 Study collects patient-centered data to support research on medical marijuana effectiveness and safety outcomes relevant to the most common health conditions among a diverse group of people who use medical marijuana (MMJ Users) in Florida. To do that 1,000-1,2000 qualified people who are 18 years old or older in Florida are sharing their experiences of medical marijuana by completing online surveys. Our team has completed enrollment for current users. Enrollment of people who are new to MMJ will continue through Summer 2023. If you are new to MMJ and would like to participate in the M3 Study, click here.

The Medical Marijuana & Me (M3) Study Design

The Medical Marijuana & Me (M3) Study Domains

M3 is a combined longitudinal cohort of medical marijuana initiators and a cross-sectional study of current MMJ users in. Data collected in the M3 Study will be housed in the M3 Databank and available for research. M3 provides data resources and infrastructure for researchers interested in using M3 data to address specific research questions in eight broad domains.

To learn more about the M3 data sharing process, click here.

M3 Administrators:

Robert Cook Headshot

Robert Cook, MD, MPH

Principal Investigator

University of Florida

Yan Wang, PhD

Principal Investigator

University of Florida

Hannah Fechtel

Research Coordinator

University of Florida