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Generating Data & Statistics to Evaluate Safety and Effectiveness

The Consortium compiles and evaluates evidence related to the use, effectiveness, and safety of medical marijuana for patients, providers, and other stakeholders.

Through data compilation, statistics, research publications, and literature reviews, the Consortium explores medical marijuana use on health conditions and symptoms.

Evidence in Context

Consortium leadership examines and provides a clear translation of research findings to future or current implications for clinical practice.


Peer-reviewed publications and journal articles authored by Consortium researchers increase medical marijuana evidence.

Data & Statistics

View trends and statistics from the number of registered medical marijuana patients and authorized physicians in Florida to the percentage of self-reported qualifying conditions.

Showcase 1

Dispensing Trends

View the trends of registered patients, authorized physicians, and dispensing.

Explore the trends.

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Provider Survey

Explore the responses of qualified medical marijuana physicians from the Consortium’s Provider Survey.

View the data.