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Facilitating Research

Facilitating and Conducting Research

Research is the answer to the questions we have about medical marijuana. The Consortium supports research through a variety of evidence-based programs.

Providing Resources

Providing Resources from Research

Limited evidence, research regulations, and few research studies on medical marijuana leave us with unknowns related to medical marijuana use. We are working to change that.

Research Involvement

Advancing Research Findings through Involvement

Support research by participating in research as a participant, collaborating on research projects, or supporting research progress by making a gift.


CCORC brings together researchers studying medical marijuana

CCORC 2023 - May 18th & 19th

Medical marijuana researchers, clinicians, policymakers and trainees gathered in Orlando on May 18-19 for the third annual Cannabis Clinical Outcomes Research Conference. The event featured more than 50 abstract presentations related to the ever-changing landscape of medical marijuana research in Florida and beyond.

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Members of the leadership team

About the Consortium

Established in June 2019, the Consortium for Medical Marijuana Clinical Outcomes conducts, shares, and supports research on the effects of medical marijuana on health conditions and symptoms.
Led by a leadership team at the University of Florida, the Consortium engages public and private universities across the state of Florida.

Resources for You

We facilitate and conduct research and support collaborations to learn as much as we can about medical marijuana use. Taking what we learn, we provide un-biased, evidence-base resources and programs to you.


Learn about current research findings, sign up for current and future research opportunities, and more.


Collaborate with researchers on medical marijuana studies, learn about current research findings, and more.


Apply to receive grant funding, connect with practitioners and industry collaborators on medical marijuana studies, and more.


Advance research through collaborations on studies across the state and support research recruitment.

News & Updates

More News

Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids Journal Cover

Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids

As the official journal of the Consortium, the Consortium will collaborate with Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids to publish the Consortium’s conference proceedings, guidelines and position statements.

Consortium researchers are invited to submit their original research manuscripts for consideration by the journal.

Data & Statistics

The Consortium evaluates evidence related to the use, effectiveness, and safety of medical marijuana for patients, providers, and other stakeholders.

Through evidence, we explore the data and statistics related to medical marijuana use on health conditions and symptoms in Florida.

Showcase 1

Dispensing Trends

View the trends of registered patients, authorized physicians, and dispensing.

Explore the trends.

Showcase 2

Provider Survey

Explore the responses of qualified medical marijuana physicians from the Consortium’s Provider Survey.

View the data.

Get Involved in Research

You can support research at the Consortium for Medical Marijuana Clinical Outcomes Research by participating in research as a participant, collaborating on research projects, supporting research progress, and more.

You will contribute to research that will help us learn more about medical marijuana and improve the usefulness and safety for people who are using or considering using medical marijuana.

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Stay in Touch

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Have Questions?

Ask our team questions or request more information about the Consortium.


Learn more about the Consortium’s annual conference.