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2022 Grants Program

In December 2021, the Consortium released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for research proposals from investigators at the different consortium member institutions.

The proposals were reviewed by ad-hoc, out-of-state faculty reviewers with demonstrated expertise in the respective research area. Funding recommendations were then made after thoughtful and careful consideration at the Consortium Board meeting in June.

Below is the list of the 8 awarded proposals and their principal investigators, the proposal titles, and their respective member institutions.

University of Florida logo

Cannabinoid use in young adults with Crohn’s Disease
PI: Naueen Chaudhry, MD

University of Florida logo

Quantitative assessment of complex drug-drug interaction networks involving medical cannabis products in special populations
PI: Rodrigo Cristofoletti, PhD

University of Central Florida logo

Event-Level Changes in Psychiatric and Physical Symptoms Following Medicinal Cannabis Use in Older Adults
PI: Robert Dvorak, PhD

Florida State University logo

Long-term Molecular, Metabolic and Behavioral Consequences of Perinatal Exposure to Cannabidiol (CBD) – A Safety and Efficacy Study
PI: Debra Fadool, PhD

University of Miami logo

Evaluation of immunomodulatory effects of chronic medicinal marijuana use and its routes of administration (smoking versus vaping) on the cerebral metabolism, morphology, dopamine (via neuromelanin MRI), and neural circuits of the whole-brain, and pain in young adults living with- and without-HIV
PI: Varan Govind, PhD

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A translational animal model to study neurobehavioral consequences of THC and oxycodone polysubstance use
PI: Lori Knackstedt, PhD

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Randomized, Controlled Cross-over comparison of Cannabidiol to Oral Opioid for Postoperative Photorefractive Keratectomy Pain control
PI: Walter Steigleman, MD

University of Miami logo

Effects of cannaboidiol on resting state EEG and neuropathic pain severity in people with spinal cord injury
PI: Eva Widerstrom-Noga, PhD