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The Medical Marijuana & Me (M3) Planned, Ongoing, and Completed Research Projects

The following table lists specific research analyses from the M3 databank that have already been planned, or are ongoing.  Check this list before submitting a new project idea. If you are not sure if there is overlap in your idea and one that is already on the list, we can help to connect you with the lead investigator.

ID #Principal Investigator(s)Project TitleStatus
1Robert CookResults of a combined cohort and cross-sectional study of persons receiving medical marijuana in Florida: The Medical Marijuana and Me (M3) StudyProposed
2Robert CookAnxiety outcome trajectories among people using medical marijuanaProposed
3Robert CookLongitudinal changes in emotional measures among people who use medical marijuana for anxietyProposed
4Robert CookFactors associated with higher CUDIT-R scores among people receiving medical marijuanaProposed
5Robert CookPrevious marijuana use experience and medical marijuana use patterns trajectories at 3 and 9 months of medical marijuana initiationProposed
6Yan WangMedical marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain: Administration routes and doses perceived to be effective by prevalent users in FloridaProposed
7Yan WangTrajectory of chronic pain and related health outcomes in patients newly initiating medical marijuana in Florida (this will need to wait until we have the longitudinal data)Proposed
8Almut WintersteinMMJ discontinuation pattern – the Florida M3 studyProposed
9Almut WintersteinPatient and product characteristics associated with patient-reported MMJ side effects: the Florida M3 study Proposed
10Amie GoodinTrajectory of polysubstance use among medical cannabis initiators in FloridaProposed
11Almut WintersteinConcomitant medication use and potential drug interactions with medical marijuana in Florida.Proposed
12Almut WintersteinChanges in medication use after initiation of medical marijuana among new users in FloridaProposed