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Consortium Launches “Evidence in Context” Commentary Series

Joshua Brown Headshot
Joshua Brown, PharmD, PhD, MS
Consortium Faculty Lead – MEMORY
Amie Goodin Headshot
Amie Goodin, PhD, MPP
Consortium Faculty Lead – Evidence

Evidence for medical cannabis and cannabinoids continues to evolve rapidly while researchers, healthcare providers, and patient communities remain in need of clear translation of study findings to future or current implications for clinical practice.

Aimed at addressing these needs, the Consortium for Medical Marijuana Clinical Outcomes Research launched the Evidence in Context series. The series is a venue where recent high-impact studies and emerging topics are critically appraised to clarify and explain implications for research and whether immediate or future changes in clinical practice recommendations are to be considered.

Led by Joshua Brown, PharmD, PhD, MS and Amie Goodin, PhD, Evidence in Context will release commentaries on a bi-monthly basis, with emphasis on studies with high probability of translation or novelty and significant implications for clinical practice.

Read the series in Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids.