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Jeevan Jyot, PhD, PMP

Assistant Director – Research Administration

Jeevan Jyot Headshit

College of Pharmacy
University of Florida

Jeevan Jyot, PhD, PMP received her PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Biology from the Institute of Microbial Technology (India) and completed her postdoctoral fellowship and was an Assistant Scientist at Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Florida. In addition she has Project Management Professional credentials.

Dr. Jyot has previously served as Research Program Coordinator at Division of Research Program Development (DRPD) at Office of Research at University of Florida. Currently, Dr. Jyot is part of the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy (POP) at the University of Florida and serves the Medical Marijuana Clinical Outcomes Research Consortium.