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Data Linkages and Data Flow

The Consortium for Medical Marijuana Clinical Outcomes Research works with the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) on the extraction specification and secure transmission of medical marijuana user registry (MMUR) data to the University of Florida (UF), which is made available to the Consortium under Sections 1004.4351 and 381.987, Florida Statutes on a quarterly basis. Once received, data are transformed into specific research variables that allow detailed descriptions of MMJ exposure, such as product types, dose, route, timing of treatment initiation and duration, and other information available in the registry.

Figure 2. Data flow for MEMORY

Once OMMU data is received by the MEMORY development group within the Consortium, individual patient records can be linked to medical claims, and vital statistics data based on individual patient identifiers (Figure 2). While the honest broker has access to identifiable information for data linkage purposes, all these variables are encrypted (i.e., 18 HIPPA identifiers will be removed) for researchers. Authorized users for MEMORY will get access to a de-identified dataset of MEMORY, which will be housed at UF.